Social Violence…

Social violence… how do we define it? It’s not about color; it’s not about sexual preferences or religion.

It’s about a more subversive attitude that can permanently injure its victims.

It’s every time you pass a judgement about someone: “He’s pigheaded”, “She’s immature”. It’s every time you criticize someone or that you spread a gossip, true or not: “I heard she’s sleeping with the boss”

It might seem like a funny thing to do, something to lighten up the mood of the office. What you don’t get is that in long run someone gets hurt. People start seeing the object of your jokes differently.

And then it just spirals down because it changes everyone’s perception of that individual. It can lead to someone being ostracized solely on the basis of a rumour. Humans are basically lazy and they won’t verify it the rumours is true or not.

The person gets isolated in a prison of lies and misunderstandings. No one is that oblivious. Later or sooner, he or she will realize that he or she is cast aside. That he or she is considered different. It can lead to anger, sadness and depression or even sometimes to suicide or having a violent reaction (remember these people showing up with a gun at work?).

Can you simply envision that and understand the damage it can cause? What if it was you? What if it was your kid at school?

If you are one of those who are wishing for world peace, why don’t you start right here, right now?

Peace, I’m out!

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