Dating for dummies… Part 1

After way too many bad dates and shattered illusions, I’m getting to the point where I have realized that most guys are clueless. Not stupid, just clueless. When it comes to dating, if they expect anything at all to go further, I think they should be aware of a thing or two.

I know the sexual revolution made our mom burns their bras and our dads turn pink.


However we are now getting back to the normal evolution of life as it is. Let’s face it, we are mammals and there is absolutely no need to deny it.


In short, it means, men chase and women build nests. That’s it. You can throw rocks at me, I do not care. Tried tested and true.


And men (like women) are not boats and they don’t read signals.


So my dear clueless guys… here are the basic tips for dating:


  • After a first date, send an email or leave a voice mail, no later than 24 hours later to thank the lady. If plans were made to meet at a later date, simply mention it so she knows you have not forgotten:

“Thank you for last night, I had a great time. I’m looking forward to Wednesday. Have a great day,


  •  Always call 24hrs before the date to confirm it. Not only does it show respect but a girl also needs time to do some things (Hair, waxing, etc.) so give her a chance to be at her best!! (Guess who will be the lucky guy hanging with a babe?)


  • When you say you will call at a certain time, do it, no matter what. Even if it is to say something like: “Hello, I’m sorry I can’t chat very long I’m at (work, etc…) However, I will call you back tomorrow around such time. Is that good for you?” You will be saving yourself a lot of trouble, trust me. And if you think about it, not only will it show respect but also, it also gives her freedom to trust you. You walk the talk and that’s it. Just remember that in the technological world we live in, there is NO excuse for not getting in touch with your lady.


  • Flowers, little cute messages are welcome, however remember that everything is in the dosage. If you do too much, you will be in trouble. If you do it every now and then, a girl will always feel appreciated and will not take it for granted. If you don’t, she will eventually go away feeling unappreciated.

(Go read part 2!)

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1 Response to Dating for dummies… Part 1

  1. Jean says:

    Salut !!J\’ai bien lu ton blog…tordant… et Désolant..!!n\’est-ce pas ?? :o\\Être obligé de l\’écrire pour que quelques gars comprennent le minimum de respect et de civisme que l\’on se doit avec les autres. Au plaisirJean

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