Dating for dummies… part 2

  • Unpreventable events happen. Just makes sure that as soon as you know, you keep her posted. And a little hint: if you don’t know at what time you will finish, let her know and give the option of postponing the date a later time: “Look, I have no idea at what time this will be over, I am terribly sorry about that. Would you prefer we reschedule at a later date or do you still want to get together once I’m done here? (Even if it is late)” No women should take you head off for being respectful and, most importantly giving her freedom of choice. Unless, off course, you do this every single week!
  • Take the goddamn lead!! Organize the dates, be the first to mention over the phone or on Email “When are you available to do something?”. Don’t make a girl chase you: it’s AGAINST NATURE. It makes a girl feel like she’s crawling and begging. And they won’t beg more than twice for a date. Also, if you don’t do it, you’re just sending the message that you are lazy. Girls don’t date lazy.

Dating is as simple as this. With those tips, you should keep around long enough to know her and know if she’s worth it.  Men who don’t chase at all are sending a clear message: “I’m not just that into you. I don’t care about you enough to respect you and your basic needs. I am willing to treat you like crap.”

Some girls will take it, sure. But most girls will walk away after having explained part (if not all) of this.

I know I do.

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