When you look at someone….

It’s clear we often judge on a first look basis. With time, I have learned that looks can be pretty deceiving. My best example would be that gorgeous looking accountant who reminded me of Pierce Brosnan until he started talking… what a bore… what an empty individual…
However, to me, he was an exception to the rule. See, I remember waiting in an emergency room for hours (what a shocker, right?) feeling mad and impatient.  Suddenly, this old guy sitting next to me and who looked like a homeless person started talking to me about patience and waiting.
At first, I was annoyed. Then I started to really listen. In about five minutes, I learned how getting impatient was not going to make my number be called sooner. How being angry about waiting could only cause me more pain even physical pain (stomach ache, migraine and so on…). He did put some sense into me. I still can’t remember the words but I remember the lesson.
Since then, I have learned to breathe when I’m stuck in traffic. I put on a good CD and I sing. When I have to wait at some place, I make sure I bring a good book or my MP3 player.
Most importantly, I have learned that everyone has something to teach you even if they go through your life for only 5 minutes.
The catch is: will you listen?
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